Data - FAQs

Frequently asked questions

How does the new 130GB BIgga plan work?

What happens if I still have data left and my validity has run out?

What are the usage terms for data rollover?

Can I still recharge with the Freedom Booster plans for Freedom 3Mbps and Freedom 6Mbps, to restore my data speed after FUP is reached?

Does Smile offer unlimited internet?

What is the Freedom Mobile plan?

How can a customer get the Freedom mobile plan SIM card?

How much does the Freedom mobile plan SIM card cost?

Can a customer acquire the Freedom mobile plan SIM without subscribing to the freedom mobile plan?

What is the validity of the Freedom mobile plan?

Can you roll-over unused freedom mobile plan unlimited data?

Can you use the Freedom mobile plan anytime?

Will the price of Bigga plan with FREE streaming data change?

Will the FREE Streaming data be unlimited?

Can the FREE Streaming data be used to browse every other site like Yahoo / Gmail / Canva etc.?

What is the validity of the FREE Streaming data?

Do customers get FREE streaming data with each Bigga plan?

Can you use the FREE Streaming data anytime like the main bundle?

How do Freedom plans work?

How does data rollover work?

What are the benefits of the Feeedom mobile plan?

What plans are eligible to benefit from the FREE Streaming data?

What is the More Data. Same Price campaign about?

How do I check my Data balance?

How does BONUS on recharge work?