Sharing Data and Airtime with SmileNumbers linked to your profile has never been easier. You can share any amount from your Airtime credit to a linked account, and the same with Data.

Sharing is valuable when you recharge one SmileNumber (account) with a big data bundle, for example, a 100GB Bigga plan. Then you can split the 100GB data between the SmileNumbers linked in your profile to ensure you always have data in each account.

To keep your Airtime and Data safe, you will be required to sign into the MySmile App or MySmile Portal to Share Airtime and Data. Just sign in using your SmileNumber/Username and Password, and if you've not used these SelfCare platforms yet, register quickly and easily using your SmileNumber/Username.

Contact Smile Customer Care on +234 (0) 702 044 4444 for any assistance.