Get the SmileVoice App to make/receive calls and send/receive SMSs to/from any number in the world! As a Smile customer, you can enjoy unlimited FREE on-net calls with SmileVoice

Enjoy the lowest local call rate in Nigeria with SmileVoice ONLY plans!

Plan Included Validity Price
SmileVoice ONLY 65 65 mins 30 days N510
SmileVoice ONLY 135 135 mins 30 days N1,020
SmileVoice ONLY 430 430 mins 30 days N3,070
SmileVoice ONLY 150 150 mins 60 days N1,500
SmileVoice ONLY 450 450 mins 60 days N4,000
SmileVoice ONLY 175 175 mins 90 days N2,000
SmileVoice ONLY 500 500 mins 90 days N5,000

Calls from your data plan are charged at only 13.7k/sec, with no daily charge and no first-minute charge. Calls are billed per second, so you pay only for what you use.

When you travel abroad, you can stay in touch, at no cost, when you call SmileVoice numbers, and it is FREE and unlimited.

Remember all Smile customers enjoy unlimited on-net calls every single day. So, get the App today and join Smile for the best voice value in Nigeria!

Download the SmileVoice app:

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SmileVoice Mobile App

Make local calls to any number from your data plan at the lowest local call rate in Nigeria of only 13.7k/sec, or recharge with a SmileVoice ONLY plan.

SmileVoice local call rates:

Effective Local call rate



SmileVoice call rate



SmileVoice SMS rate



*SmileVoice is not available on Unlimited and MidNite plans.

International SmileVoice ONLY plans

Make calls to more than 20 countries at the best international call rates from only 13kobo/sec. You have three International SmileVoice ONLY plans to choose from and stay in touch with family and friends abroad.

You can make calls to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, French Guiana, Germany, Guadeloupe, Iceland, India, Ireland, Italy, Martinique, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Norway, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Venezuela.

International Voice plans Included minutes Price Validity
International SmileVoice ONLY 23 23 International minutes N200 3 days
International SmileVoice ONLY 60 60 International minutes N500 7 days
International SmileVoice ONLY 125 125 International minutes N1000 30 days

The bundles are available to all SmileVoice customers through the SmileVoice App or compatible VoLTE smartphone.

Terms & Conditions: Please note that calls are only allowed to specific area codes within these countries and not all area codes. These area codes are subject to changes based on partnership agreements.

You can call any number in the world with SmileVoice. Please refer to the international call rates that will apply, depending on your data plan and the country you are calling.

SmileVoice international call rates







*SmileVoice is not available on Unlimited and MidNite plans.