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With your 0702Smile number you can now make voice calls and send SMS using your SmileData to any number in Nigeria and the world, from your mobile.

Staying in touch has never been more affordable locally and abroad with our SmileVoice ONLY plan. Add this bundle at only N1,000 to your existing SmileData plan to enjoy the lowest local call rate, 8k/sec in Nigeria and when you travel abroad and call home you will pay the same low call rate of 8k/sec.

Do you have a dual-SIM LTE mobile phone?  Then GET your Smile 4G LTE SuperValue STARTER PACK for only N1,000 today to enjoy 30 days’ access to social network sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, BBM and WhatsApp) as well as internet browsing AND 30 mins + 30 SMS to any number (available on activation of the SmileVoice App).

If you want to stand out from the crowd with your own, SPECIAL 0702Smile number, you can call us on 0702 044 4444 or complete this form to reserve your special number.

Just insert your complimentary Smile 4G LTE SIM card in your second SIM slot to experience SuperFast internet, videos and social media on your mobile. There are a range of LTE and VoLTE handsets that are compatible with Smile’s network. Have a look to see if your handset is compatible to get a Smile 4G LTE SIM today!

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