Unlimited Premium + Smile SIM

Product details
  • Your key to 30 days of InternetFreedom in Nigeria
  • FREE Smile SIM card included
  • Fits any size 4G LTE-enabled device
  • Your truly Unlimited internet plan with no limits on data usage
  • Gives you freedom to do what you want online - no restrictions
  • For personal use only

The UnlimitedPremium* monthly plan will give you InternetFreedom to use as much data as you want, when you want and for as long as you need.

If you already have a 4G LTE compatible device you just need a Smile SIM card and you are ready to enjoy 30 days of UnlimitedPossibilities. Not all devices are compatible with our network. To ensure compatibility with your device, visit your closest Smile shop for a demonstration or contact us.

*The Smile Usage Policy applies to Unlimited plans.