Router + Unlimited Premium + 100% BONUS data

RouterR180 black background
Product details
  • NEW R810 Router
  • UnlimitedPremium plan, valid 30 days
  • 100% BONUS data, valid 7 days, on recharges of 5GB Anytime upwards
  • New R810 Router connects up to 32 users and includes a LAN cable
  • R810 Router with 2200 mAh battery, 4 LAN ports, Antennas, Charger in-box (UK Standard with wall adaptor) and LAN cable
  • FREE local on-net calls + 10minutes off-net calls

Enjoy the best internet for N32,000 when you get a NEW R810 Router  + UnlimitedPremium + 100% BONUS* data on recharge for 90 days.

*BONUS data is valid for 7 days and consists of 50% daytime data and 50% night time data (to use from midnight to 6AM)