Router + 40GB + 100% BONUS DATA

HD Router
Product details
  • NEW HGSDCN H8 Router
  • 40GB Anytime SuperFast data valid 30 days
  • 100% BONUS data on recharges of 5GB Anytime upwards, up to 15GB Anytime data plans
  • Rollover data applies to unused Anytime data only

Enjoy the best internet for N29,800 when you get the NEW H8 Router  + 40GB* Anytime data + 100% BONUS** on recharge for 3 months.

*40GB data is valid for 30 days and consists of 50% Anytime data and 50% MidNite data (to use from midnight to 6AM)

**BONUS Anytime data is valid for 14 days