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17 March 2017

Smile re-introduces its 4G LTE SIM offer backed by popular demand by existing and potential customers. This is another way of showing customers that their opinions matter at Smile! In October 2016, Smile became the first operator in Nigeria to offer a 4G LTE SIM only proposition into the market with its SuperFast Mobile Broadband service.

The Head of Marketing, Smile Nigeria, Mr. Lotanna Anajemba affirms that the product would deliver SuperFast Mobile Broadband, voice and SMS services to its customers on the go. He also added that the SIM only proposition at N1000 showcases the brand’s promise to deliver affordable telecommunication services to its teeming customers in Nigeria.

The Smile 4G LTE SIM works in compatible devices which operate on the ios and Android operating systems. With Smile 4G LTE SIM, all Smile customers can enjoy one plan for data, voice and SMS at a unique call rate of 8k per second to all networks. Other benefits of using the offer include 30 days access to social network sites, 30 days access to browsing, 30 minutes + 30 SMSs to local numbers available on activation of SmileVoice app.

Some of the smartphones, tablets or dual SIM mobile phones compatible with the Smile 4G LTE SIM include Asus Fonepad 7, Huawei Mate 7, 8 Mate S, P8, Mate 8 Lite, Mate P9, Mate P9Lite, Infinix X600 LTE, Lenovo A2020, A6000, A7000, K5Note, Vibe k4 Note, Vibe P1, Vibe P70, Vibe X2, Vibe X3, Samsung Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A8, Galaxy E7, Galaxy Grand 2, Galaxy JI ACE amongst many others.

Customers can sign up for the Smile 4G LTE SIM offer at or any Smile shop, kiosk or Smile accredited dealer locations.

Acclaimed as the pioneer of 4G LTE technology in West Africa, Smile Nigeria is famous for continuously innovating itself to beat existing market benchmark, all in a bid to provide value adding products and services to its well deserving customers. This, according to Mr. Lotanna, aligns with Smile’s global vision and mission to be the telecommunications services provider of choice in all its markets and enable its customers achieve more.

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8 March 2016

Nigeria, 8 March 2016 – today Smile Communications Nigeria (“Smile Nigeria”) announced the introduction of two 4G LTE innovations to its customers in Nigeria – SmileVoice and SmileUnlimited. Smile is the first operator in West Africa to offer its customers Voice over LTE services, giving them access to the fast growing Global standard for voice and video calling.

SmileVoice comes in two options; using a world-first downloadable free mobile App that affords customers with a Smartphone Android and Apple iPhone device the ability to make SuperClear voice calls over Smile’s 4G LTE network, or through the use of VoLTE-enabled handsets plus a Smile SIM card, such as the latest Samsung devices.

SmileUnlimited offers customers 30 days of unlimited access to Smile’s SuperFast 4G LTE mobile broadband service.

Dr Ernest Nnaemeka Azudialu-Obiejesi, Chairman Smile Communications Nigeria said, “Smile is the first mobile operator in West Africa to develop and introduce Voice over LTE, plus a world first to in a free Voice over LTE application that enables all our customers in Nigeria with Android and iPhone devices to experience high-quality voice calls over Smile’s network. We are committed to improving the quality of voice and data services in Nigeria. With SmileVoice our customers can call anyone locally and in the world just like on any other mobile.”

“With our recently announced funding Smile has doubled the size of its 4G LTE network in Nigeria to 7 states and the capital and now provides 30-days of unlimited access to SuperFast mobile broadband – there is no other provider that is offering its customers such value and convenience,” says Dr Azudialu-Obiejesi.

Elaborating on the SmileUnlimited offering, Mr Michiel Buitelaar, Managing Director Smile Nigeria explained that any unlimited offering is subject to a fair usage policy (FUP). Smile’s FUP is very generous when compared with other local offers and ensures that connectivity is maintained throughout the 30-day period.

Not only is Smile’s pricing more affordable than that of competitor narrowband offerings, but Smile’s superior experience of true broadband makes SmileUnlimited a fitting application of Smile’s value proposition of speed, quality, reliability and simplicity.

The free SmileVoice App is a world-first, enabling customers that don’t have VoLTE-capable handsets to make reliable Voice over LTE calls when connected to Smile’s mobile broadband network. “In the Nigerian market Android is the leading handset and together with the free SmileVoice App, we are ensuring that all our registered customers have a way to experience high-quality voice calls from their mobiles,” says Mr Buitelaar.

“We made our first Voice over LTE calls in Nigeria during beta-testing in October 2015 and the feedback from our existing customers since our soft-launch early February has been extremely positive. Thousands of our customers now make national and international voice calls using their data bundles,” says Mr Buitelaar about the Nigerian market.

To use SmileVoice, customers will be required to have a registered SIM card and active SmileData service. When out of range of the Smile network, the SmileVoice App will enable calls from any device that is connected to the Internet via 3G or Wi-Fi at home or abroad. Customers who make calls when travelling abroad will be charged their local call rates, as if they were calling from home.
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About SmileVoice

Registered Smile customers can use their one data bundle for SuperFast mobile broadband plus voice calls, video calls and SMSs. All SmileVoice calls are charged in MBs per second to an active data bundle which equates to a kobo/second rate. For example, when a customer has a 10GB Anytime bundle and makes a one minute local call, the customer will be charged 6MBs from their data bundle, which equates to ₦5.27. The effective call rate of 8.79kobo/second associated with the 10GB Anytime bundle is lower than any local call rate in the market! For more information on SmileVoice please visit

About SmileUnlimited

Smile offers customers the convenience to stay connected to SuperFast 4G LTE mobile broadband for 30 days without the concern of being disconnected. The Smile Usage Policy (SUP) applies and when reached a slower speeds will be experienced, however access to applications such as email, online banking and searching information on the internet is still available and a very good experience. Please visit for more information.

About Smile Nigeria coverage

Smile launched the first 4G LTE network in West Africa in Nigeria in 2014 revolutionising the way people access the internet. Customers in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha and Asaba can experience the country’s most reliable SuperFast 4G LTE mobile broadband services, and also enjoy SuperClear voice calls, video calls and SMSs from their one SmileData bundle. Please visit


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