Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Am I able to restrict access to my router?

You can configure the router to restrict access by IP, MAC address and URL options. You can also restrict Wi-Fi access to the router by a laptop/desktop. Please call our Contact Centre on 0800 444 4444 (toll-free) or 0704 645 0000 or send an email to for further assistance on how to set this up.

What do I do if I’m repeatedly disconnected or experiencing slow speed?

Check for any appliances with magnetic fields in the vicinity, e.g. microwaves, ovens, disc satellite antennas, and redirect the router away from them. Try to move your router location while checking the signal indicator bar on your router. Two signal bars and above are sufficient to have a good browsing experience. For further assistance and troubleshooting advice, please call Smile Customer Care on 0800 444 4444 (toll-free) or 0704 645 0000 or send an email to and we'll call you back.

How do I tell when there is connectivity between my computer and the router, and also when there is not?

Your computer is connected to the router when the LED light on the ‘Mode’ icon of the router is blinking blue and your computer ‘LAN’ icon or wireless SSID is highlighting the ‘connected’ status. When the ‘Mode’ icon on the router is blinking red, this indicates there is no connectivity, and when it’s blinking white, this indicates that the router is in the process of accessing the wireless network.

How do I set up the Smile 4G LTE router?

The Smile LTE router is a plug and play device. Below are picture aids to assist with installation and configuration.

How do I access my router’s interface?

To access your router’s interface simply type into your browser URL. The default password is ‘admin’.

How do I change the password to the router’s interface?

When you log in for the first time to your router, you will be asked to change your password. Enter the password you want, confirm it and then click ‘Submit’. You can always change the password later in the ‘System’ menu by clicking on Password Change’.

How do I change my Wi-Fi password?

Access your router’s interface and click on the ‘General Settings’ menu, then choose ‘WLAN Settings’ and type your chosen password (using no less than 8 characters) in the box labelled ‘WPA-PSK’. Finish by clicking ‘Submit’.

What is the information on the back of the router?

DEVICE WEBSITE: By typing this web address in your browser you will be able to enter the router interface for configuration.
WLAN NAME: this is the default name of your Wi-Fi network (this name will display on your wireless networks.
POWER SLOT: This is where you connect the router’s adapter.
LAN PORTS: The device has 4 LAN ports where you can connect to a switch or other devices such as computers and gaming.
DEVICE PASSWORD: This is the default password used to log into the device’s interface.

How do I reset my router?

To reset your router, log in in to the router’s interface by typing in your browser’s address field. Select the ‘System’ tab as shown in the figure below, and choose the ‘Reboot’ or ‘Restore’ option. Either option will set the router for re-initialisation and your router will be reset. Alternatively, with the aid of a pointed object, you can press and hold down for 3 – 5 seconds the ‘Reset’ button located between ‘WLAN’ and ‘WPS’ on the right side of the router. All the status icons on the front panel of the router will blink at the same time, which signals that the router has been reset.

What is Smile 4G LTE broadband?

‘4G LTE’ stands for Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution and is a Standard in Mobile Network Technology. It is the latest radio access technology after 2G and 3G that is able to deliver very high internet broadband speeds of up to 100Mbps for downloads and up to 50 Mbps for uploads.

How is 4G technology different from 3G?

Smile has rolled out a 4G LTE broadband service using Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology. 4G LTE, put simply, is the next generation of technology and is therefore higher-speed internet technology compared to 3G internet technology. For example, what would take five minutes to download on a phone, tablet or laptop connected to the internet via a 3G network, would take 60 seconds on a device connected on a 4G LTE network.

What can I do with Smile 4G LTE broadband?

For businesses, Smile’s high-speed broadband enables reliable access to business applications that require higher speeds and last mile connectivity. Home users of Smile’s internet are able to undertake e-learning and e-commerce activities, watch online HD content like movies and so much more, like never before. Plus a host of other internet activities such as fast downloads and uploads, watching the latest concert or favourite sport live without buffering.

How can I connect to Smile 4G LTE broadband internet?

You can call our Contact Centre on 0800 444 4444 (toll-free) or 0704 645 0000 or send an email to for assistance. Alternatively, you can visit our Shops.

Do I need a new separate SIM or number for Smile 4G LTE?

Yes, you will need a Smile 4G LTE SIM card to access our 4G LTE service.

Will I be able to play online games with Smile 4G LTE?

Yes, Smile 4G LTE broadband provides high-speed broadband internet access; you can even play HD games on the internet.

Can I do a video call with Smile 4G LTE?

Yes, Video Calls through Skype, Gtalk, etc. can be used at a very high quality never experienced before.

Is the Smile 4G LTE service a shared or dedicated connection?

The Smile 4G LTE service functions as a shared connection, but has the intelligence to manage and offer good quality of service to a large number of users.

I have over 60 computers in my organisation. Can one Smile router serve all of them?

The Smile 4G LTE router can serve up to 32 Wi-Fi client systems simultaneously (including laptops, tablets, smart phones connected to the router by Wi-Fi) , more machines can be connected by physical LAN cables through a switch and 32 machines connected without a switch, depending on the company’s LAN set up.

Do I need an SMTP Relay if my mail is hosted by a previous internet service provider?

Yes, if you are connected on to our service, you would need to have an SMTP relay. Please contact our call centre on 0800 444 4444 (toll-free) or 0704 645 0000 or send an email to and our technical team will be glad to get you set up.

What are the benefits of Smile 4G LTE broadband?

o High-speed wireless broadband internet access (faster browsing speed than 3G).
o No installation required – fast set-up time with Smile’s plug ’n play devices.
o Web self-care access and Customer Care support.
o Connect up to 32 computers to the Smile 4G LTE Wi-Fi router at the same time, thus saving costs.
o Control your internet account and usage through the Smile customer self-care portal (MySmile).
o Very easy for office or home use – with no need for line of sight or any external equipment.
o Wireless security to protect your wireless users.
o Quick uploads and downloads of movies, music and other video streaming sites.
o Provides high-quality video conferencing and calls.
o Faster access to applications which are hosted under the cloud computing environment and VPN.
o Multiple prepaid plans.

What are the values of Smile?

Everything is possible when done with Integrity, Humility, Humanity and Innovation. This is how we approach every aspect of our job, every service and product we offer, and how we deal with our customers, partners and our staff.

The Smile values are at the centre of Smile’s work environment, its products and services and its ethos. As an employer, Smile also encourages:
•Good work/life balance
•Employee-friendly policies
•Interaction by its team across operations with various people across the globe, and
•An appreciation of all cultures

What are you doing about safety online?

Smile advises parents to understand what their children are doing online and to communicate openly and honestly with them. Here are some useful references on the safety of our children online :
•The Guardian: What the security experts tell their kids
•Get Safe Online
•On Guard Online

How can I identify which background applications are using up my data bundle?

Our customer care team is always standing by to assist you to identify the applications on your devices that are using up most of your data bundle. They will also be happy to recommend simple tools to install that are able to track usage per connected smart device or computer, so that in future you will be able track how your data in your bundle is being used.

Will a technician be required to install and set up the service?

No, there would be no requirement for a technician on-site to install your Smile service. Smile's 4G LTE internet offers devices that are plug-'n-play, customer-friendly and easy to use. However, in the event that you need assistance with the set up of your Smile service you are more than welcome to call our customer care team on 0800 444 4444 (Toll Free) or +234 (0) 704 645 0000 / +234 (0) 262 830 45/6/7 and they will gladly assist you.

How can I get 4G LTE mobile internet from Smile?

You can visit our online Shop to buy online and have the device delivered to your door, or you can call our customer care team on  0702 044 4444 / 0704 645 0000 OR 0800 444 4444 (toll-free), or you are welcome to visit the Smile Office located at 99 Old Lagos-Ibadan Road, Challenge, Ibadan.