Data Solutions

DataSolutions that support your business growth!

Smile offers a range of data solutions to businesses that are built on the latest 4G LTE technologies to help grow your business in a very competitive market.  Our range of mobile DataSolutions can enable efficient management of business operational costs with a fixed cost per employee for their total communication needs – voice and data OR you can opt for a shared data plan where data and voice is shared amongst a group of users keeping your monthly communication costs fixed and predictable.

Innovation is at the core of Smile’s range of data solutions for business including our latest data solution; SMEUnlimited, that provides unlimited 30-day access for businesses at different data speeds over our 4G LTE broadband network. The data plans offer different data throughput speeds, from 1Mbps to 4Mbps at varying fees for 30 days.

SMEUnlimited offers you predictable pricing for internet access for your business and will keep your users connected to the internet, emails, uploading files and remotely accessing your network for 30 days, irrespective the amount of data they use. Smile will not disconnect your users and will keep your business connected.

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