MySmile App

Introducing the NEW MySmile App

Your self-care companion

The NEW MySmile App offers you the convenience of managing your Smile services in the palm of your hands. With the MySmile App on your mobile, you can recharge Data, Voice, and Airtime, and check balances on all your services. You can also view the history of Usage, Purchase, and Share activities for a period of up to 3 months on the App. Viewing your personal and SIM/device information, and sharing Airtime between accounts, is now just a click away.

Register quickly and easily or sign in to the App using the same credentials as you use to log into the MySmile Portal. If you have forgotten your credentials, register as a Guest for quick recharges or contact Smile Customer Care for assistance.

Just click the button below of the device you use and you will be redirected to GooglePlay or App Store to download the NEW MySmile App.